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Preference #8: You Love Him but He Already Has a Girlfriend (Part 2)

Harry: You came back to your apartment after a heart to heart with your best friend. You found Harry and Taylor on the couch as you left them. But this timeTaylor had a guitar and was strumming a song, Harry was slowly dozing off. “You’ve got 100 tattoos…” She sang to Harry. You chuckled at how stupid the song was. You purposely loudly closed the door so Harry would wake up. “Huh. Oh, hey (Y/N).” You waved your hand to say ‘hi’ back. “So what didTaylor and you do all this time?” You asked sweetly. “Well we were peacefully watching a movie whenTaylor thought it would be a good idea to make up a new song… About me…” He said the last part rolling eyes. “Oh, well the song is… um… interesting…” You said trying to sound reassuring. “Well I hate it!” Harry said rudely. You chuckled a bit because you couldn’t agree more. “What? You really don’t like it?”Taylor asked. Harry shook his head, “It’s late… You should leave.” Harry said trying to be as polite as possible. “Fine”Taylor said walking to the door. Harry walked her to the door and before he closed it he said, “And please, never come back.” Harry said shutting the door straight on her face. “JUST WAIT TILL OUR BREAK UP SONG COMES OUT!”Taylor said loud enough so Harry would hear. Harry chuckled and rolled his eyes while we walked to the couch. “Wow. What was I thinking?” He said laughing again. “About what?” He looked you straight in the eyes, “Why I was looking for someone to love when I already know who I am in love with. The person has always been staring me right in the face.” You blushed a bit because he was looking you straight in the eyes, “And who is that?” You asked a bit nervous for his answer. He cupped your face and leaned in only a inch was from your lips, “You.” He simply said before passionately kissing you. “Why do you love me?” You asked when he released from the kiss, “Because you are everything to me and I was too stupid to not realize this before now. I love you. Oh and I love how you don’t make up stupid songs all the time!” he said while smiling. You laughed, “I love you too Harry.” You said while smiling and kissing his perfect lips again. 

Louis: “Louis just shut the hell up already.” Eleanor screamed at Louis. “You are an immature child and you need to grow the hell up!” she screamed again. Louis and Eleanor were fighting again and you were ‘peacefully’ watching TV downstairs. “Ugh!” you thought out loud. “I am so sick of you and your childish jokes and MAN! You can’t even sing.” Now Louis spoke up, “Ah hell no. And you can model, please. (Y/N) is twice as pretty as you, looks and personality wise.” You raced up stairs to get a better view of the fight. Shit was about to go down. “If you like her so much then why don’t you date her!” she screamed. “Maybe I will! At least she will love me for me, not what she wants me to be!” He screamed back at her. You were so shocked at what he said so you tripped at accidently fell into the room. “Oops.” You said as you blushed, embarrassed. “So just go with her. She is here anyway. You really seem to like her!” You said. Louis walked over to you and lifted you up, then took you into his arms. “I don’t like (Y/N). I love her. More then I will ever even tolerate you!” he spat. Eleanor looked shocked because for once Louis didn’t crawl back to her. “You don’t know what you’re missing.” Louis rolled his eyes, “The only thing I missed out on in my life is (Y/N). She will always be my one and only love.” He said hugged you tighter. Eleanor just rolled her eyes and left the apartment. You turned to Louis. “Do you really love me?” “Yeah…” he said shyly. You kissed him with all the love you were hiding for so long. The kiss had sparks that both you and Louis felt. “Finally.” You whispered into the kiss. Louis smiled into the kiss and pulled you closer to him.

Liam: You woke up the next morning to loud knocking on the door. You stretched and then walked to the door. When you opened it, you weren’t expecting what you saw. It was Liam. “Hey” he said smiling a little. “Hey,” you said smiling back, “come in.” You said still smiling. “Danielle and I broke up…” He blurted out still standing. “Oh, why did she end it?” You said turning around to face him shocked. “She didn’t…” you gave him a questionable look. He looked down at his feet, “I did.” You were even more shocked. “But wh-” “She is said its either you or her… I choose you.” He said. You stepped slower to him “But wh-” you tried to say again but before you could finish, Liam pulled you closer to him and kissed you on the lips. Things got pretty heated but you pulled away from the kiss. “But why?” you asked again. “You can’t pretend to love someone when you know who you love already…” He said looking you straight in the eyes. “What do you mean?” You asked still confused, he smiled at you, “I never loved Danielle. It was always you and it will always be you.” He said cupping your face. “Do you feel the same?” he asked a bit nervous. “I have always loved you too and I will always love you.” You said with a cheeky smile. He smiled which made his eyes twinkle. You smiled at how cute he was. “You’re so beautiful when you smile” He said rubbing your cheek. “I love you so so so much!” You said kissing Liam again. “I love you too.” He said laughing into the kiss.

Zayn: “She broke it off! She canceled the wedding. She played with my feelings, just like that!” Zayn screamed. You patiently sat on the couch waiting for him to calm down. “She just… Never loved me. You know how she fucking ended it?” “No.” you simply replied. “She said she doesn’t need me anymore. She finally got more fame and she doesn’t need me anymore! She used me for publicity and it worked. God I am such an idiot!” he said again. “Zayn you’re not an idiot. You were too good for her. You deserve someone who understands you. Like…Like… Like god dammit me!” you said courage taking over you. He turned around, “What do you mean?” You signed as you walked closer to him, “Would she say she loves you everyday? I would… Would she give you happiness and love everyday? I would… Would she care if you were mad or sad? I would… She used you for money? I wouldn’t… She didn’t ever love you but I always did and I always will.” You said. You both just stared into each others eyes. You signed and looked at your feet, “Zayn, I am so-” You tried saying when Zayn lifted your chin and kissed you passionately. “You’re right, you did everything for me. I should be saying sorry because I didn’t tell you this earlier. But I love you too, more than anything. I was just nervous you didn’t feel the same way.” You looked deep into his eyes, “Zayn I always loved you I would do anything for you, forever and always…” You said as you cupped his face, “Promise.” He said looking into your eyes pulling you closer to him. “Promise.” Then you kissed again finally happy to have each other forever and always. Now Zayn was finally yours, frankly he was always yours to begin with.

Niall: You were watching a scary movie when the door to your apartment swung opened. You screamed at the top of your lungs and threw the popcorn you were holding. You calmed down once you notice the ‘ghost’ was actually Niall. You could tell he was angry and he was mumbling something under his breath. “What’s wrong Niall?” You asked once he sat down on the couch next to you. He cupped his head into his hands. “She cheated on me…” He said. You could barely understand what he was saying because he was covering his mouth. “What! Why Niall? How could she hurt you like that!?” He sat up straight, “I don’t know (Y/N)…” You rolled your eyes, “God Niall! When I see her I will… just kill her!” You said loudly. He put his finger on your lips shushing you. “The weird thing is… I don’t even care…” He said shaking his head. “What do you mean?” you said through his lips. He laughed at how you sounded. “I mean… When she told me, I thought I would be mad but I just left the room, emotionless.” “I knew you could never fall in love with some like her.” You said pushing his finger off your lips. “(Y/N)…?” You looked at him, “Yeah Niall?” “Would you ever leave my side?” He asked taking your hand into his. You immediately started blushing and got a little nervous, “Of course Niall, I will always be with you, on the outside and in your heart.” You said smiling and poking his heart with your free hand. He laughed too, “Thanks, (Y/N). You know whenever I think about you… I-” You cut him off, “You think about me?” you asked surprised. He looked down at your hands and smiled, “A lot actually, I think about you all the time. When I think about your smile, I smile. When I think about your laugh, I laugh. When I think about you never being in my life, I just started to tear up and that’s when I realized how much I grew to… to… love you, with all my heart.” He said now looking up into your eyes.  You took you free hand and put on his cheek, “I love you too Niall. Always have, always will.” You said smiling. He smiled too. He pulled you closer and brought your lips to his. You melted into kiss finally able to give Niall the love he deserved. 

*heres part 2. hope you like it xx… Here is part 1 if you missed it http://1dsssexymofos.tumblr.com/post/36265713104/preference-8-you-love-him-but-he-already-has-a

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